Message from Kharthigai Avanarsigan

It was my first job immediately after university at the then, Natal Indian Cripple Care Association. I was the third Social Worker to be appointed and joined the already vibrant and energetic team led by Mrs Amra Chakravathy – the Social Worker Section Head.

Back in the day, this was like “family away from family”. The strategic planning to meet overwhelming needs with a very sparse budget was the brainchild of Amra, who I believe set the cornerstone for the present exemplary Social Work Services.

Recently, I was privileged to engage with the current Social Work Supervisor, Ms Rashida Patel to provide social work services at our municipal clinics. Due to her efforts, some of our municipal clinics have direct access to APD’s Social Workers.

Personally, my experience at APD provided me with a stable background to reach management level. Thank you for the opportunity and experience.

Congratulations and best wishes

Karthigai Avanasigan

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