Message from Ms Veliamah Moodley (Lilly) – The first person with disability in receipt of services from the Association

I was born in 1958 and contacted polio when I was one year old. The first five years of my life was spent at home. During that period I was hospitalised for nine months for a hip and knee operation.

When Natal Indian Cripple Care was established in 1967, I was accepted for rehabilitation and received physiotherapy twice a week. In 1975, when the first protective workshop was established, I was accepted as a client. I worked three days a week engaged in making soft craft and enjoyed the recreational activities organised by the centre.

In 1981, I was appointed as overseer of contract work, and later I operated the switchboard at the workshop. I have remained with APD-KZN over the years and have assisted in all the fundraising efforts. The highlight of my stay has been the interview I gave at Stellenbosch University on women with disabilities. Presently, I am the Supervisor at the Chatsworth Protective Workshop and serve on the workshop forum. I wish to place record my deep sense of appreciation, gratitude and thanks to APD-KZN, and wish them success for the future.

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