Casual Day 2022



We wish to convey our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your support in last year’s Casual Day. Our Association
was able to continue with Casual Day despite the challenging circumstances we were faced with due to the outbreak
of Covid 19 pandemic.

We want to start a conversation about everything going right for you and our country! So make your voice heard and
join a chorus of South Africans highlighting the good and great in their lives.
We ask our supporters to raise our flag and look around to find something to celebrate about our nation and
ourselves, no matter how seemingly small or grandiose!

Casual Day is the most prominent and successful social advocacy campaign in South African history. Beneficiaries
include over 600 Special Schools, Community Based Organisations and NGOs in the field of Disability and the
proceeds of the donations are channelled nationally to those in need via care homes, food gardens, women and
youth programmes, skills workshops and educational centres while providing inclusive employment, assistive
devices, advocacy, transport, and universal access. Casual Day also supports the disability units of 11 universities, the
South African Police Service (SAPS) and the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).
APD-KZN ask you to look deep inside and find your bravest, most compassionate self and ‘pay it forward’ into the

We hereby request you to Celebrate SA with Persons with Disabilities by buying your own sticker for R20.00 on
Friday 2nd September 2022.

Please advise how many stickers you would like to be delivered to you!!
Please deposit monies into our bank account before 20 September 2022.

Banking details are as follows:
Name of Bank : Nedbank-Chatsworth
Account No : 1030852022
Branch Code : 132226

Please email deposit slip to :

You can also Support APD KwaZulu-Natal by using our link to get your Personalised Casual Day Digital Sticker for a
donation of just R20! You can donate for up to 10 people at a time and a percentage of all donations using our URL
link will be allocated to us in support of our fundraising initiatives and beneficiaries in need. Use this link

Should you wish any further information kindly contact Mr E Rajgopaul on 031 4037041 or 084 6270590

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