Message From Mrs A Chakravarti – Ex – Executive Director

It is with great pleasure that I write this message on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities.

It brings back interesting memories of my early working life as a relatively new social worker and then later as Executive Director of the Association in the dark days of apartheid, I had the privilege of working initially under the leadership of the late Mr. M. E. Sultan, the late Mr. C. M. Bassa and whilst Director, Dr. B T. Naidoo. Other Board members included Mr. I. P. Desai, the late Mr. A. K. Singh, the late Mr. S. N. Chetty, Mr. P. Abdulla, Mr. M. Mia, the late Prof. Muthukrishna, the late Mr. Archary.

I had also worked closely with the first Principal of the A. M. Moolla School for the Cerebral Palsied and Mr. A. Naidoo, the first Principal of the R. P. Moodley School for the Physically Disabled.

Those were the days of committed, selfless voluntarism. Not many people know that Dr. B. T. Naidoo and Mr. S. N. Chetty took six month’s leave from their Practice and Real Estate Business respectively in order to raise funds for the A. M. Moolla School. Others who serve on Boards of Management today will agree that it is extremely difficult to recruit volunteers if this calibre. This is also a tribute to the South African Indian community who contributed to the establishment and development of the Association and the two special schools.

My best wishes and felicitations to the Association on their 50th Anniversary.   

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