Message from Therina Wentzel – Director National Council for Persons with Disabilities.

It is with great pride that I reflect in my long association with APD-KZN.

Both our strongest and most impactful National Council (NCPD) leaders, Dr B T Naidoo and Mr Mahmood Mia come from APD KZN, where they made as huge an impact as on our National Council. People who have and are still shaping our National Council’s future and whom we look up to with the knowledge that we are always guided firmly, fairly, with insight and most of all: to the benefit of persons with disabilities.

When I was appointed director of APD Free State more than two decades ago – it was APD’s Director, Khalik Sherrif, Staff and Committee who welcomed me and guided me on the journey of being a Director in our sector. Over the years I have had the privilege of attending many events and have been a part of various projects by APD KZN, and am still so proud to be a small part of the APD KZN team.

The Management and Executive manages a wonderful organisation that makes a tangible difference to the lives of so many children and adults with disabilities and we often use APD KZN as an exemplar to others. APD KZN has been proven over so many years and often in very difficult economic and politically unstable times in South Africa, they have always stood strong and with utmost innovation reaching more and more people.

It is an honour to have APD KZN as our affiliate and “arms” in the province. We often call on APD KZN to manage National events for Council and every time the Director and staff excel at what they put on the table.

We are truly grateful and proud of APD KZN. May God Bless you for many, many moons. We look forward to the next chapter of 50 years and longer working together to change lives.

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