Message from Urmilla Channa Jeram – Former Staff Member

The Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities has achieved half a century of service to the community, indeed a proud milestone that will go down in the annals of history.

Forty years ago I was employed by the Association as a Social Worker. The staff complement then was no more than 10 persons and the activities were conducted from rented premises in the City Centre and in Chatsworth. Fast Forward to 2017; the Association boasts permanent facilities, education and residence in the greater Durban and surrounding areas.

A few facilities that come to mind are the AM Moolla Spes Nova School, RP Moodley School and the Treatment Centre in Unit 10 Chatsworth. This is evidence of the dynamic growth of the Association. These developments have involved many, many hours of planning, securing finances and project implementation, mammoth tasks that have been spearheaded by volunteers in the community.

Dedicated service and the desire for upliftment of persons with disabilities have underpinned the Association’s ethos which has led to its growth and success. On this momentous occasion, appreciation and praise needs to be showered on Dr BT Naidoo, his initial management team and the men and women who have walked into their footsteps thereafter.

To the current management and staff, many congratulations on your 50th anniversary and may the Association continue to grow and contribute to create equal opportunities for people with physical disabilities.

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