The Inspiration behind the establishment of the Natal Indian Cripple Care

50 years ago when Karmella was four years old, our das Mr S N Chetty became extremely concerned about her condition and future. He explored all avenues and spoke to leading members of the community.

There were no facilities for Indian cerebral palsied children. After attending a function at the Open Air School, he was determined to open such a facility for his and other children. He set in motion the establishment of the Natal Indian Cripple Care. Karmella was dad’s inspiration.

He devoted much of his time with fundraising projects. He was the driving force in establishing clinics, day care centres and a school for cerebral palsy children. The opening of Spes Nova School for cerebral palsy children was his cherished dream.

Karmella grew to become a great lady, lucky enough to be showered with lots of love from family and friends who miss her tremendously. She brought many prestigious people, international Swamis, family and friends to our door. Karmella was respected and loved by all who came into contact with her. Whatever was done for her was not done as a sacrifice, but done with dedication and love.

We would also like to pay tribute to our Mum, who selflessly devoted her life to taking care of Karmella. As siblings, we loved her and did all we could for her. She was not a burden to us, but a blessing. Her passing away four years ago has left a void in our family and our home.

Thank you.

Vimla Chetty

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